Emma in Vogue

18 Jul

Emma Stone graces the cover of UK’s Vogue magazine and boy does she look good! I love the styling in this photo shoot.

1. From the MaxMara Fall 2012 Collection…

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A Casual Sunday

15 Jul

I love this bright, casual, cropped top. And I think chartreuse might be my new favorite color for the summer. :–)

As you can see, as soon as I pick up something bright (for my tastes), I just have to pair it with neutral colors. Although next time, I could swap the tan espadrilles with bright, color-blocked flats. That would work too.

I’m wearing Martin+Osa shorts, BCBG top, Michael Kors espadrilles (got them at a great discount!!), Fossil rosegold watch and Gucci sunglasses (also bought at a great discount!).

Yay I love summer. :–D

To Neon or Not to Neon?

14 Jul

That’s the question. Right?

Well I say – Go for it! I will admit it’s a little tricky though. For someone like me. :–)

There’s no denying how bold neon colors are. Too much of it can quickly turn your outfit tackylicious. You don’t want to go too matchy-matchy either. As a general rule, you should incorporate it just enough to give your look that pop but never so much that it overpowers everything else. I’ve noticed it works exceptionally well if you (like ME!) wear a lot of neutrals. And that’s exactly why I need some yummy neon-colored accessories to elevate my largely black/nude/gray wardrobe. ;–) You with me so far?

So here’s my attempt #1. Let’s play a game – Spot the neon! Haha

No seriously, I don’t think I’m ready to do more than this…

I’m wearing a Zara neon-colored tribal-inspired necklace, a black H&M blazer, Zara asymmetrical blouse and jacquard pants and Mark & James sandals. I think it’s safe to say every single piece I’m wearing is my favorite at the moment. It’s all about the details. Would you agree?

Hope you like my instagram’d pictures. Sometimes convenience just wins hands down. ;–)

Pinterest Much?

13 Jul

Hi there!

So, are you on Pinterest yet? If not, you should be. If you’re even a little bit of a visual person, you’ll love it. :–)

For me, it’s been so quick and easy to share styling ideas through Pinterest. It’s like quick-and-dirty blogging. ;–) Also, what I think is a really interesting by-product of this whole pinning activity is that after you’ve done a bit of it, you’ll start to see your personal style emerge very clearly. One look at my board and you can easily tell what my style sensibility is (for the most part). I think that’s so fascinating, especially if you’re not sure how you’d describe your style/design tastes. Can you imagine how easy it would be to figure out what I’d like for my next birthday after looking at my board? HAHA

So here goes – My ‘Fashion Diary’ board…


Let me know what you think. I’ve started only recently so stay tuned. ;–)

You can follow me, I can follow you.

Happy Pinning!

A Bucket Full of Chic!

22 Dec

So what’s my latest obsession, you ask? The bucket bag! :–D

I love this style for many reasons…It’s casual chic, hands-free AND pretty roomy. Some of you may not like the structure very much, but I think it’s adorable. The bag comes in so many different styles – some soft, some edgy (with studs et al), with or without drawstrings, some bases are more defined or structured than others. There’s a lot to choose from!

I think the most trendy bucket bag right now is the ‘Diego’ by Alexander Wang. There’s so much to love…I’ll let you see for yourself. ;–)

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Picture of the day!

5 Nov

So much beauty and power in one picture…I’m in awe.

In case you haven’t already figured it out…These are Vogue editors from around the world, all gathered together for the much-awaited Fashion’s Night Out event in Tokyo, Japan.

While they all look absolutely exquisite, can I just say how much I love Emmanuelle Alt (French editor, seated in a white blazer)? Oh wait, I’ve already done that before. Nevermind. ;–)

She’s just looks sooo effortlessly stylish. Love.

And ofcourse, super proud of Anaita Adajania, Fashion Director of Vogue India (3rd from left). :–) I guess editor Priya Tanna couldn’t make it?

Alright, that’s all for now folks!

Stay in vogue! ;–)

Photo credit: Frederic Aranda for Vogue

Protection First!

17 Oct

Have you seen this? OMG I’ve had these exact thoughts run through my mind countless times when I was in school. So you can imagine how hard I laughed watching this. :–D

Creative and hilarious!

BTW, I have gotten vaccinated. Have you? ;–)