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29 Apr

I’ve always found Indian outfits with subtle (and sometimes strong) western influences and vice versa very very interesting. But unfortunately, few get it right, IMO.

Ofcourse, there are too many ways to interpret this mash-up and everyone has their unique take on it. But one designer that I think comes pretty close is Indian designer, Malini Ramani. She is known for her quirkiness, her high-energy shows, bold use of color and generally provocative collections.

Here’s a picture of her at some recent event, wearing her own label…

Malini Ramani

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A Girl and Her Shoes

26 Apr

My über stylish friend Ratika went down to the Louboutin store in LA and got herself these beautiful babies from the latest Spring 2011 collection. All I can say is droooooooool…Wait, that’s not a word!

But it is exactly how I feel. ;–)

Striped canvas espadrille wedge

How cute are these wedges?? This was the first time I’d even seen this style from the designer. Now all they need is a trip to the beach! The shoes, I mean. ;–)

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25 Apr

That’s just the color pallete I chose, nothing to do with my mood. Promise. ;–)

Soooo I meant to post this sooner, but I had an unusually active weekend. And before I set out to enjoy it, this is what I wore…

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My Girl Crush

22 Apr

Yes, I have a huge girl crush on Gwen Stefani. She (and her label L.A.M.B) is way too cool and she doesn’t even have to try!

Gwen Stefani, Elle Magazine May 2011

Gwen is wearing a Michael Kors top and skirt. Can’t go wrong with black & white. (Actually, you can, but I’ll leave that for another day. =))

I love her sharp yet simple look, but I gotta admit, I miss the trademark bright red lips. ;–)

Keep rocking, Gwen!

Photo credit: Elle

Stylista: Eva Longoria

21 Apr

I am now convinced that super petite Eva Longoria has a great sense of style. =)

See for yourself…(Click to enlarge image)

(Leftmost) Victoria Beckham dress,Salvatore Ferragamo shoes. (Middle & Right) Salvatore Ferragamo shoes

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RIP: ‘Behind the Label’

19 Apr

Do you remember that show on Ultra-HD, ‘Behind the Label’? Hosted by Judy Licht and later Christina Ha?

Well, I do. I miss that show so much! :–(

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Be a Man!

17 Apr

Ladies, say goodbye to those pretty dresses and step into your man’s closet instead. ;–)

Masculine suits are everywhere. You’ve seen a few on my blog too!

Check out Russian model Sasha Pivovarova on the cover of Vogue Korea’s April 2011 edition.

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