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Colors of India

24 Jul

As some of you may know, the Couture Fashion Week is currently on in India’s most fashionable city of Delhi. And from what I’ve seen so far, it is quite a show!

Rich textiles, authentic Indian handicrafts, beautiful mix of traditional and contemporary designs – the Delhi Couture week has much to offer. My favorite pick was from the designer duo of Ashima and Leena Singh. Check this gorgeous outfit out from their collection…So many things to like: the combination of silk, brocade and sheer fabrics, the muted bright colors with dull gold and the draping…magical!

Did you know? Ashima and Leena Singh are actually sisters-in-law that came together to build this brand, with Ashima leading the designs while Leena spearheads the marketing of the brand. Interesting business partners! :–)

Photo credit: Karan Thapa


The P Word

11 Jul

Update: I don’t feel right addressing you all as “guys”. I apologize. :–)


Do you remember these Vivienne Westwood shoes I was lusting after a while back?

Here’s another pic to refresh your memory…

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Simply Indian

1 Jul

Indian actress, Anushka Sharma, wore this beautiful Sabyasachi saree at a recent award ceremony. Two words – great choice! :–D

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