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Princess Fédora, thank you.

10 Aug

So I have this thing for Fedora hats. I mean, who doesn’t? They look so chic!

But I have a problem. I don’t quite know how to wear them. :-/ I mean, how should I style my hair underneath the hat? Will I need to take the hat off when I’m indoors? And if I do, what do I do about the resulting “hat hair”?! Ugh.

So I turned to my trusted stylist – Google. :–D Here are some doable looks I found…

1.) This one is my favorite. Super easy and ultra-stylish. Notice how casual and unstructured her outfit is and then BAM! – she adds sleek accessories like the straw hat, those lust-worthy shoes and those shades. And how fuss-free is her hairdo! Here’s a look that’s actually achievable, right? (God! I love her style.)

Gwen Stefani

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