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Protection First!

17 Oct

Have you seen this? OMG I’ve had these exact thoughts run through my mind countless times when I was in school. So you can imagine how hard I laughed watching this. :–D

Creative and hilarious!

BTW, I have gotten vaccinated. Have you? ;–)


Will you be my Valentino?

13 Oct

Few things make me really jump out of my seat. Fashionably speaking.

And this time, it was Valentino.

At the Paris Fashion Week, Valentino’s SS 2012 collection was beyond ethereal. Typically, I’m not into those ultra feminine styles and silhouettes (think floral/lace dresses, chiffons and pastels). But this was something else. Maybe it was the elegant patterns so intricately woven, the gorgeous fabrics or those clean flowing lines. Whatever it is, I’m sold! =)

Here are some of my picks:

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