Pinterest Much?

13 Jul

Hi there!

So, are you on Pinterest yet? If not, you should be. If you’re even a little bit of a visual person, you’ll love it. :–)

For me, it’s been so quick and easy to share styling ideas through Pinterest. It’s like quick-and-dirty blogging. ;–) Also, what I think is a really interesting by-product of this whole pinning activity is that after you’ve done a bit of it, you’ll start to see your personal style emerge very clearly. One look at my board and you can easily tell what my style sensibility is (for the most part). I think that’s so fascinating, especially if you’re not sure how you’d describe your style/design tastes. Can you imagine how easy it would be to figure out what I’d like for my next birthday after looking at my board? HAHA

So here goes – My ‘Fashion Diary’ board…

Let me know what you think. I’ve started only recently so stay tuned. ;–)

You can follow me, I can follow you.

Happy Pinning!


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