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To Neon or Not to Neon?

14 Jul

That’s the question. Right?

Well I say – Go for it! I will admit it’s a little tricky though. For someone like me. :–)

There’s no denying how bold neon colors are. Too much of it can quickly turn your outfit tackylicious. You don’t want to go too matchy-matchy either. As a general rule, you should incorporate it just enough to give your look that pop but never so much that it overpowers everything else. I’ve noticed it works exceptionally well if you (like ME!) wear a lot of neutrals. And that’s exactly why I need some yummy neon-colored accessories to elevate my largely black/nude/gray wardrobe. ;–) You with me so far?

So here’s my attempt #1. Let’s play a game – Spot the neon! Haha

No seriously, I don’t think I’m ready to do more than this…

I’m wearing a Zara neon-colored tribal-inspired necklace, a black H&M blazer, Zara asymmetrical blouse and jacquard pants and Mark & James sandals. I think it’s safe to say every single piece I’m wearing is my favorite at the moment. It’s all about the details. Would you agree?

Hope you like my instagram’d pictures. Sometimes convenience just wins hands down. ;–)



25 Apr

That’s just the color pallete I chose, nothing to do with my mood. Promise. ;–)

Soooo I meant to post this sooner, but I had an unusually active weekend. And before I set out to enjoy it, this is what I wore…

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Stylista: Gul Panag

19 Mar

The gorgeous Indian model/actor, Gul Panag wed her long time boyfriend last week, and how!

I remember when she first caught my attention at the Miss India pageant back in 1999 and I took an instant liking to her. Not only is she beautiful with the best smile (yes, she actually holds that title), she’s also incredibly articulate and outspoken. And when you add a good sense of style to that equation, voilà!

Model/Actor Gul Panag

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25 Feb

Garance Doré, looking like a million bucks.

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