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A Casual Sunday

15 Jul

I love this bright, casual, cropped top. And I think chartreuse might be my new favorite color for the summer. :–)

As you can see, as soon as I pick up something bright (for my tastes), I just have to pair it with neutral colors. Although next time, I could swap the tan espadrilles with bright, color-blocked flats. That would work too.

I’m wearing Martin+Osa shorts, BCBG top, Michael Kors espadrilles (got them at a great discount!!), Fossil rosegold watch and Gucci sunglasses (also bought at a great discount!).

Yay I love summer. :–D


To Neon or Not to Neon?

14 Jul

That’s the question. Right?

Well I say – Go for it! I will admit it’s a little tricky though. For someone like me. :–)

There’s no denying how bold neon colors are. Too much of it can quickly turn your outfit tackylicious. You don’t want to go too matchy-matchy either. As a general rule, you should incorporate it just enough to give your look that pop but never so much that it overpowers everything else. I’ve noticed it works exceptionally well if you (like ME!) wear a lot of neutrals. And that’s exactly why I need some yummy neon-colored accessories to elevate my largely black/nude/gray wardrobe. ;–) You with me so far?

So here’s my attempt #1. Let’s play a game – Spot the neon! Haha

No seriously, I don’t think I’m ready to do more than this…

I’m wearing a Zara neon-colored tribal-inspired necklace, a black H&M blazer, Zara asymmetrical blouse and jacquard pants and Mark & James sandals. I think it’s safe to say every single piece I’m wearing is my favorite at the moment. It’s all about the details. Would you agree?

Hope you like my instagram’d pictures. Sometimes convenience just wins hands down. ;–)

The P Word

11 Jul

Update: I don’t feel right addressing you all as “guys”. I apologize. :–)


Do you remember these Vivienne Westwood shoes I was lusting after a while back?

Here’s another pic to refresh your memory…

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No Shoes, No Service

28 Jun

And with these shoes, I’m sure to be served well. Ha! ;–)

Meet my purchase #2.

Nude body (Er, of the shoe), black heels, a beautiful arch and just the right pop of coral color. I also like the little zipper detail at the back. All the elements come together so well. And trust me on this one, these babies are way more comfortable than they might look.

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Party time!

29 May

The already gorgeous Alessandra Ambrosio looked even more stunning in D&G’s Spring 2011 embellished lace mini dress at a Victoria Secret party. Remember we talked about this collection before here and here? :–)

I really like this dress. It looked great on Scarlett and it looks fabulous on Alessandra too. Maybe I would’ve liked it just slightly longer, but Alessandra sure carries it well, without making it look um…distasteful? I have no complaints. ;–)

Alessandra Ambrosio

Oh, not to forget, Ambrosio is wearing Jimmy Choo Emerald Suede Sandals. And they’re nude! Obviously, I love them.

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My Dear Fuschia

3 May

I can’t express how much I love this color.

But what I love more is how it has been used in this Marchesa Fall 2010 dress. Stunning!!

Georgina Chapman

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A Girl and Her Shoes

26 Apr

My über stylish friend Ratika went down to the Louboutin store in LA and got herself these beautiful babies from the latest Spring 2011 collection. All I can say is droooooooool…Wait, that’s not a word!

But it is exactly how I feel. ;–)

Striped canvas espadrille wedge

How cute are these wedges?? This was the first time I’d even seen this style from the designer. Now all they need is a trip to the beach! The shoes, I mean. ;–)

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