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Slacker Alert!

13 Jun

I know I know…I haven’t done a good job keeping up with my blog lately and I feel awful about it. :–( To say the least, there’s a LOT going on in my life (and I’m not complaining). But as I’ve said before, I hate making excuses so let’s just get on to the fun stuff. ;–)

So, last week I was in New York. New York City, to be precise. First things first – I absolutely LOVE that city. But then, I’ve been a city girl all my life (having been born & bred in my beloved, fast-paced, always-alive city of Bombay), so I guess it’s not really a surprise, huh. ;–)

I was in a New York state of mind.

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The Art of Layering

17 May

These women have got it down!

Both these looks caught my eye on one of the many street style blogs I follow…These looks are SO interesting to me!! The colors, the accessories, the play with proportions…I love it all!

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