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To Neon or Not to Neon?

14 Jul

That’s the question. Right?

Well I say – Go for it! I will admit it’s a little tricky though. For someone like me. :–)

There’s no denying how bold neon colors are. Too much of it can quickly turn your outfit tackylicious. You don’t want to go too matchy-matchy either. As a general rule, you should incorporate it just enough to give your look that pop but never so much that it overpowers everything else. I’ve noticed it works exceptionally well if you (like ME!) wear a lot of neutrals. And that’s exactly why I need some yummy neon-colored accessories to elevate my largely black/nude/gray wardrobe. ;–) You with me so far?

So here’s my attempt #1. Let’s play a game – Spot the neon! Haha

No seriously, I don’t think I’m ready to do more than this…

I’m wearing a Zara neon-colored tribal-inspired necklace, a black H&M blazer, Zara asymmetrical blouse and jacquard pants and Mark & James sandals. I think it’s safe to say every single piece I’m wearing is my favorite at the moment. It’s all about the details. Would you agree?

Hope you like my instagram’d pictures. Sometimes convenience just wins hands down. ;–)


A Bucket Full of Chic!

22 Dec

So what’s my latest obsession, you ask? The bucket bag! :–D

I love this style for many reasons…It’s casual chic, hands-free AND pretty roomy. Some of you may not like the structure very much, but I think it’s adorable. The bag comes in so many different styles – some soft, some edgy (with studs et al), with or without drawstrings, some bases are more defined or structured than others. There’s a lot to choose from!

I think the most trendy bucket bag right now is the ‘Diego’ by Alexander Wang. There’s so much to love…I’ll let you see for yourself. ;–)

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Princess Fédora, thank you.

10 Aug

So I have this thing for Fedora hats. I mean, who doesn’t? They look so chic!

But I have a problem. I don’t quite know how to wear them. :-/ I mean, how should I style my hair underneath the hat? Will I need to take the hat off when I’m indoors? And if I do, what do I do about the resulting “hat hair”?! Ugh.

So I turned to my trusted stylist – Google. :–D Here are some doable looks I found…

1.) This one is my favorite. Super easy and ultra-stylish. Notice how casual and unstructured her outfit is and then BAM! – she adds sleek accessories like the straw hat, those lust-worthy shoes and those shades. And how fuss-free is her hairdo! Here’s a look that’s actually achievable, right? (God! I love her style.)

Gwen Stefani

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TrendWatch: ‘Tis the season of Flares!

15 Apr

And the perfect reason to go shopping too!…Right, like I ever need one. :–P

The high-waisted flared jeans trend is back, y’all! So while I still think skinny jeans are one of the best things to have happened to us, I’m more than ready for a change. =)

At the Badgely Mischka (L) and Pucci (R) shows

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Army Green Jacket

13 Mar

So that’s what’s on my mind right now. Just a year late, that’s all. LOL

The Army jacket was a really hot trend last Fall (2010), showcased by Christophe Decarnin and Marc Jacobs on the runway and further popularized by a host of celebrities, as seen here…

Olivia Palermo and Reese Witherspoon

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From Milan, With Love

6 Mar

In case you missed it, here are some highlights of the latest trends and insider perspectives from Milan’s Fall 2011 fashion week. Feel inspired.

My personal favorites were the Emilio Pucci and Prabal Gurung collections. Both very feminine, but strong and sexy at the same time. Love!

Did you know? Gurung was raised in Nepal but started his fashion design career in New Delhi, India as an apprentice with Indian designer, Manish Arora.

That’s quite a career graph and judging by his presence on the international fashion scene, he’s only going to get bigger and better. Go Prabal! =)

TrendWatch: The return of the Breton Stripes

2 Mar

Well technically, they never went away, did they?

That’s the thing with fashion trends…they just fade in and out, but never really go away. It never fails to surprise me when an oldie-but-goody suddenly becomes an au courant must-have. And that’s why I plan on saving those few chosen pieces from my closet so I can someday pass it on to my daughter. So “vintage”! Love the idea. Haha

So where did Breton stripes come from? I did a little research and found that Breton stripped shirts were introduced in 1858 as the uniform for French navy seamen. Apparently the stripes helped spot men who fell overboard. Fascinating!

But when did it become fashionable?!

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