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Pinterest Much?

13 Jul

Hi there!

So, are you on Pinterest yet? If not, you should be. If you’re even a little bit of a visual person, you’ll love it. :–)

For me, it’s been so quick and easy to share styling ideas through Pinterest. It’s like quick-and-dirty blogging. ;–) Also, what I think is a really interesting by-product of this whole pinning activity is that after you’ve done a bit of it, you’ll start to see your personal style emerge very clearly. One look at my board and you can easily tell what my style sensibility is (for the most part). I think that’s so fascinating, especially if you’re not sure how you’d describe your style/design tastes. Can you imagine how easy it would be to figure out what I’d like for my next birthday after looking at my board? HAHA

So here goes – My ‘Fashion Diary’ board…

Let me know what you think. I’ve started only recently so stay tuned. ;–)

You can follow me, I can follow you.

Happy Pinning!


Protection First!

17 Oct

Have you seen this? OMG I’ve had these exact thoughts run through my mind countless times when I was in school. So you can imagine how hard I laughed watching this. :–D

Creative and hilarious!

BTW, I have gotten vaccinated. Have you? ;–)

RIP: ‘Behind the Label’

19 Apr

Do you remember that show on Ultra-HD, ‘Behind the Label’? Hosted by Judy Licht and later Christina Ha?

Well, I do. I miss that show so much! :–(

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“Balenciaga and Spain”

25 Mar

Dear Fashionistas,

In case you haven’t already heard, I’d like to inform you of this wonderful event opening at the de Young museum in San Francisco this weekend – “Balenciaga and Spain”. From all I’ve heard and read, you’re not going to want to miss this rare fashion exhibit.

Cristóbal Balenciaga

“Balenciaga and Spain” is a study in the influences that Spain had on three decades of designer Cristóbal Balenciaga’s work.

He was deeply influenced by the culture and folklore from Spain, from the religious to the Gypsies, flamencos and bullfighters. Interested? Read more.

Balenciaga evening dress 1964. Courtesy of Balenciaga Archives, Paris.

Balenciaga evening ensemble, 1967. Courtesy of Balenciaga Archives, Paris.

Really interested? ;–)

See the event details here.

I also wanted to share this recent interview of Hamish Bowles, European editor-at-large for Vogue and guest curator for “Balenciaga and Spain” on National Public Radio.

I know I’m really looking forward to the exhibit. =)


Hello World!

21 Feb

It’s my first post! =)

And I’m getting really eager to share my thoughts/rants/pet peeves/obsessions about fashion, style, trends and everything in between. Haha…Brace yourselves! This is going to be a fun little project for me…and kinda cathartic too. I can just tell right now ;–)

Oh, in case you missed my introduction, go here.

Let the fun begin…